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If you’re looking for a strategic software solution to take your Seed Processing and Production Facility to a whole new level you’ve found it! Proceed ERP Software is the perfect software solution that other seed companies use to automate all aspects of your seed conditioning processing business. We’re a team of technology professionals dedicated to your success.

Seed Sales Features

Farm Profile Management

Farm Profile Management

When managing Customers in Proceed Software there are advanced fields just for seed and agriculture management. You can also manage farm and field profiles to help you design planting plans.

Advanced Orders

Advanced Orders

During the sales season you can take advanced orders and payments from Customers. You’ll know exactly how much product to produce and ship when it’s planting season.

Retail or Dealer sales

Retail or Dealer Sales

Proceed Software easily handles both Retail and Dealer sales. You can provide standard discounts, volume discounts or customized price lists to some or all of your products.

Centralized Customer Info

Centralized Customer Information

No matter what interface your using, Proceed Software lets you consolidate Customer data. This approach keeps your Customer data up-to-date for all facets of your company.

Centralized Sales Quotes

Centralized Sales Portal

Your remote Sales Team can log into the web-based portal and manage all facets of the sales process. All information can be updated by all members of your company.

Historical Customer Data

Historical Customer Data

You can see historical information on sales that include varieties purchased, quantifies, farms, fields, seed licenses, treatments and more!

Inventory and Production Tools

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Proceed Software lets you extend accurate inventories of finished seed and agriculture products throughout your company. You’ll know exactly how much finished seed product, raw seed, treatment, bags and other materials you have.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Multiple Warehouses

If you expand your Seed Conditioning to other warehouses, you’ll be able to globally manage inventory by Lot using Proceed Software.

Extended Mobile Apps

Extended Mobile Apps

You’ll be able to turn your mobile app into a bar code scanner that lets you quickly scan bar codes to identify Lots, Varieties and Inventory levels available.

Tag and Placard Printing

Tag and Placard Printing

Your Team will be able to design and print highly customized labels, tote or bulk bag placards and item receipt labels as raw products come into your facility. You can also design private labels for your Customers.

Resource Planning

Resource Materials Planning

As you prepare seed or agriculture product you can run a specialized materials planning program (MRP) that allows you to never run out of materials used on a daily basis.

Lot Management

Lot Management

Proceed Software lets you manage your inventory and track everything by Lot Numbers. You’ll be able to trace all your products by name, variety and lot information.


Proceed ERP Software uses secure integration tools to build reliable integrations that extend your data into many apps, online services and marketplaces allowing you to seamlessly integrate! Whether you use some or our standard integrations or want to build your own integration, you’ll be able to access your data in virtually any environment you choose. Direct API using REST, SOAP Web Services and EDI are all supported in the Proceed ERP Technology Stack.


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Benefits For Your Seed Processing or Agriculture Company

Streamline Processes

Proceed ERP Software provides your seed processing company greater efficiency by bringing complicated multiple processes into the software. Your company will run better using centralized data than having is scatter across multiple software programs, spreadsheets or in the minds of your employees.

Reduction of Operation Costs

The automation of various time-consuming and tedious tasks become possible within Proceed ERP Software. Automation reduces manual errors, ensures that tasks are automated and therefore takes less staff time to complete.

Increased Productivity

Integration among various functions in Proceed ERP result in better productivity for your seed or agriculture production facility. As everyone in the company uses the software, people work together facilitating better communications and collaboration.

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